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Dr. Preet Chugh

Speciality : Homeopathy
Fees : 700
Languages Known : English, Languages Known : Hindi, Languages Known : Marathi

Dr. Preet Chugh is a Homeopathic Doctor from YMT Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai from the batch of 2006. She has 14 years of clinical experience and possesses expertise in treating chronic diseases like recurrent tendency to get Cold and Cough, Diabetes, Renal Stones and Recurrent Urinary Infections, Asthma and all Lifestyle illnesses. She is also an expert in the treatment of Covid-19 and has successfully treated Covid patients. She is also specialised in counselling for treating clinical depression cases. She deploys a holistic approach in treating patients by helping with diet plans, home remedies for other diseases, counselling for weight management along with Homeopathic treatment. She has also worked with globally renowned Homeopathic Dr Farooq Master for 3 years and has acquired deep expertise in Homeopathic remedies for deep-rooted ailments; the practise of which has helped 100% of her patients.

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